Harnessing The Power Of Social Media Evangelism

Win the lost at any cost.

That’s a line from a heart-stirring song. On the need to preach the gospel… and win souls to Christ.


Evangelism is every believer’s business. Our Master’s command. And the only work that will be rewarded when we finally get home.


In Matthew 28: 19-20, Jesus said, “Go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Every creature. Not just your family members. Or the congregation in your Church. Every creature.


No human being linked to you, offline or online, should escape the good news of God’s saving grace. You need to touch their hearts with it! And I need to do so too.


God needs more labourers who will flood every street – online and offline – with Jesus. The saving power of Jesus.


If you’ve been wondering how to join this evangelism troop… how to reach out to souls – more souls – in our ever-busy world.


Have you intentionally tried social media?

Ok… Whether your answer is Yes or No, let’s just dive in and see how to reach out to and harvest souls for Christ – through social media.


Why Use Social Media For Evangelism

Did you visit any social media platform today?

Most likely… Yes!

That’s exactly how millions of other people jump in and out of social media sites. For business. To catch up with the latest gist. To connect with friends. Or for various other reasons.

From a recent statistic, “53.6% of the world’s population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes.”

Over half of the people in the world!

If God allowed us to get this connected at such a time as this, don’t you think He has a divine purpose at heart? That we’ll use this tool to reach the unreached. Spread the gospel. And disciple souls.


We all need to arise, and intentionally harness the communication power in social media to evangelize – depopulate the kingdom of darkness and populate the kingdom of light.


Social Media Evangelism Ideas

We’ve discussed why social media evangelism is important. Now, we need to talk about the “How”.

Here are some tips that will help you effectively evangelize on social media:


Create quality content:

Content is king. I’m sure you’ve read that. You will glue people to every line of your content – video, written or audio – if they’re getting something tangible from it. But if you keep churning out shallow, content, hmmmm…

Ok. What makes you spend over 30 minutes, reading, watching or listening to something?

You’re likely getting something tangible from it, right? That’s it. So do the same. I know… Like any other valuable product – it takes time and energy. But the kingdom business is worth it. So worth it. For it is required of a steward that he be found faithful.


Share content on various platforms consistently:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Podcast players (for android or iPhone) … These are some online platforms where content can be shared.

You may or may not be active on all these platforms. But as much as possible, on all the platforms you have an account, spread the word.

You can share your own content, content from other people’s social handles, blogs, YouTube, links to stream different programs live, program fliers, etc.

A great way to start is to join the recently launched Social Media Ambassadors Team (SMAT) – as we join hands to share the messages of our Grand Patron – Pastor (Dr.) W. F. Kumuyi. Here are some Social Media handles to like and follow Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – so you get updates on daily quotes, message clips and other seasoned content to share with your audience.

Join groups and interact with others:

Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and other online forum are great places to engage with thousands of people. Join some relevant ones, and lend your voice – experience and knowledge of God’s word – in interactions going on in the group.


Ask questions and give answers:

Questions are conversation starters. On your WhatsApp status, social media page, in groups… you can ask a question, get responses from people, and then give scripture-based answers.

This creates an avenue for people to dig into the Bible, and also helps you get a glimpse of people’s understanding of different topics. And you can expand on this by writing a full post to discuss the topic further.

Check out Gotquestions.org and see how they ask and answer Bible-based questions.

People are searching for answers to questions – about God, His word and life. You can be an instrument to bring answers to them.


Be observant, and share the gospel with day-to-day activities:

Life is filled with stories. If you look around you, you’ll always find them. And these stories, these life occurrences, can be used to teach principles of God’s word. Because, like I bet you know, people connect with stories.

For example, you experienced something like this: after queuing up to withdraw money from the ATM, one more person before it gets to your turn, you notice your card is not in your wallet. You forgot it at home while rushing off to work!

You can connect that story to how Christians rush off to their days’ activities without carrying along with them, their card – God’s word and prayer – that grants them access to the resources of Heaven.

So, when they hit the day’s work, they lack sufficient grace and strength to carry them through. Just like how you ran out of cash because you forgot your ATM.

You can share snippets from even a statement you heard, or read about – then present the Word of God.


Stay connected to the Source:

It’s easy to get all soaked up in social media. Especially when the comments and questions and dm’s start pouring in.

But remember, you can’t give what you don’t have. And you can’t have – more and more oil – if you allow the “work” to make you lose touch with the “Source”.

Dig deeper into God’s word. Pray better. Listen more to seasoned teachers of the Word. It will keep you refreshed and equip you with more insights to spread to the world.

And to crown it all, you will win souls through your social media evangelism efforts.


You have the word in your hand… and mouth. Social media is your podium. Preach the word!

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