Giving It All For A Desirable Future

Giving It All For A Desirable Future

Joyce, walked up to her superior and said, sir, I am tending in my resignation letter today. Why? he asked. She replied I have a leading in my heart that God needs me somewhere better.

With a crease on his crown, he said, do you mean God will tell you to leave all the benefits this job has to offer you?

She dropped her letter and bade him farewell into the unknown path ahead.

What are you holding back?

You have been holding onto it so tightly these past years and he is asking to let it go so that he could give you something better but yet you hold it so tight.

Why can’t you give them all of it? God was the first giver; he gave us Jesus for the DESIRABLE future of mankind.

Jesus, our perfect example, in turn, gave it all for you and me to have access to a desirable future.

Why have you not considered that, in the path that seems unknown, lies a great future? Would you pause and give it careful consideration?

Dear reader, the path to a desirable future may seem so long but if you stay on it by giving it all up, without looking back, whilst trusting God, you would have that future you so desire.


What does it mean to give it all?

To give it all is to let go and let God have his way. It means you don’t want to walk in that lonely bumpy road you carved out for yourself, but you make a decision to walk in his path, though what is ahead is unknown but there is a joyful hope of a desirable future.

Giving it up to Him means to put complete trust, faith in him that the outcome will be far greater than what you would have worked out on your own.

Have you carefully woven yourself into a web, and have now come to a dead-end? You need to act fast, disentangle yourself, and be who he expects of you. It’s all about giving it up like the lady in our story.

Have you been worried lately about your future? Why worry when you have a God who is in charge? Give up the worrying. He knows the bitter weary way, the endless striving day by day. Does he care? He cares enough than you can imagine and that’s why he says,  “surrender all to me and let me give you what I have laid up in store for you”.

Give up that procrastination, laziness, over-calculation, complacency, envy, over-dependence on men, and work diligently, in partnership with God to create a desirable future.

Dear friend, God sees your tears and feels your pain, all you need to do, is to give it all.

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