Gifted but Bound

Gifted but Bound


God, with all power in his arsenal, created the heavens and the earth with massive mineral resources and natural endowment. In the same vein, he created man in his image and gave man incredible gifts to explore the world, create things, and achieve his purpose. No man can accuse God of being partial of not endowing him/her with the requisite gifts to do exploit and achieve purpose. However, the challenge has been that it’s either man have not discovered his gifts, or has been bound by some avoidable factors brought upon by himself.

No man can be truly great unless he can effectively deploy the skill God has given him/her to achieve that greatness.


Biblical Examples

Samson was truly gifted. He was adjudged the strongest man in the history of the human race. The Bible tells us that he was loved by God, and endowed with the gift of unparallel strength and exceptional greatness. However, Samson, could not effectively live up to the exploits God envisaged for his life, because he deviated from the principles and dictates of God. He allowed his emotions and love for women to take over his thinking faculty. He was gifted but bound!


How about Absalom?. Absalom was the third son of King David. Absalom was charismatic and has the ability to easily draw other people to him. He possessed leadership qualities, however,  instead of imitating his father’s strengths and using his leadership trait aright, he followed his pride and greed and tried to seize his father’s throne. He was gifted, but bound!


Dear friends, there are a lot of people out there who are truly gifted but bound. They have what it takes to achieve exploits, surpass the norms and achieve the extraordinary. However, they die without discovering their gift, or even using these gifts for humanity. They eventually die with their potentials/gifts unutilized.

Let’s consider the following that has made gifted folks bound and unable to achieve their potential:

  • Procrastination
  • Malice
  • Lust
  • Indolence
  • Faulty attitude
  • Fear
  • Pride

Dear reader, you cannot be different in this world where mediocrity is celebrated without effectively deploying your gifts, and addressing whatever it is that can make you handicapped in charting a new course and doing exploit.

Liberate yourself from whatever is making you bound and ineffective in achieving excellence, and the extraordinary.

Go for Gold.

Deploy your gifts without bounds!






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