Get Your Priorities Right

Get Your Priorities Right

A critical rule that accelerates success and guarantees it’s sustenance is the principle of prioritisation. To forge ahead in life and record back to back success, you must be able to prioritize very well.

Why Prioritize?

Many of us fail at many things not because we lack the knowledge or capacity, but because we are into so many things at the same time.

This approach naturally weakens our effectiveness and impact across board.

When you spread your energy into multiple tasks and pursuits at the same time, the individual quality potential of each task is diminished in results.

For example, back in your school days, when you had one paper in a day during exams, you were likely going to do better at that paper than when you had three papers in a day.

Nothing is more powerful for success than a laser-focused concentration on a single task per time till it’s done.

The proper approach to achieving excellent success at any given task is the ability to focus all your energy on that one task at a time. I’ve come to realise that the concept of multitasking often has its downsides. Yes, multitasking is about getting more done in a shorter period of time, but how well done are we talking about?


Learn to Concentrate

If you really want to see good results in your life, you must be more effective. To become more effective, you must concentrate on individual tasks. For you to really concentrate, you must prioritize.


Measuring Consequences

To prioritize is to arrange your goals, tasks and activities in order of importance.

How do you measure their importance?

By evaluating the consequence of carrying out the task at that time or not. The value of every task, job, activity or responsibility is measured within the context of consequence.


You’re paid more than your subordinates based on the consequence of succeeding or failing at your task as a senior. However, if you want to start seeing better results in your job, career or business, you must prioritize.

Rating by Consequences

You must have an organised method of thinking. This would help you to R2-D2 prioritise by an objective evaluation of outcomes.


Of course, we all have many things to do every day, every week, every month and even every year. How do you rank all these activities? Is it according to consequences or as you like? They should be rated according to consequences!


For instance, if you spend 3 to 4 hours perusing social media sites when you should be busy working on a job assigned to you by your employer, the consequence could turn out be one of the following:

▪️ A shoddy job done by you;

▪️ Incomplete tasks; or

▪️ Inability to getting the task task started in the first place, due to a lack of concentration.

At the end of the day, you receive poor reviews and would likely be queried or considered not fit for a promotion, even if you were due.


The importance of setting priorities cannot be overemphasized. Make it a habit to arrange your activities in order of importance, and you will reap outstanding results in all your endeavors.

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