Fear Kills Dreams

The fear of what could go wrong has kept a lot of people at a spot. It has hindered them from pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

Fear is often the biggest dream killer. We avoid chasing our dreams because we’re afraid of the obstacles along the way. You need to understand that it’s okay to be afraid at the beginning, but you have to put your fears aside and reach for your goals.

Embrace fear and take that first step forward.

A life lived in constant fear is like sitting in a traffic jam. There is no forward movement.

Oftentimes we allow fear hold us back. It’s an easy excuse we tell ourselves when we don’t actively pursue something. Without embracing fear, it’s impossible to get out there and make your mark.

The Excuses of Fear

Fear gives birth to 3 excuses, which say:

❌ “I’m not good enough”

❌ “No one will care”

❌​ “What if I fail?”

Fear and self-doubt breed negativity. The more you put yourself down, the harder it will be to climb out.

How to Overcome Fear

In order to move away from the realm of fear, you need to do the following:


What drives you? Where does your passion lie? What’s the goal you are trying to achieve?



Believe in yourself and don’t let your own negativity and self-doubt hold you hostage.



Surround yourself with people that can pick you up when you are down. People that can challenge you to success.



Take time to celebrate and reward yourself for your small successes. This will help you keep your passion ignited.


Don’t give room to fear. Face your fears and do it afraid!

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