Excerpts from the YPF Webinar Series Part 1

The Young Professionals Forum (YPF) on the 24th and 25th of April 2020, held its first webinar that hosted almost 4000 young professionals across the world.

The 2-day YPF webinar was focused on the spiritual and career lives of young professionals especially with the effect of the ongoing pandemic and left the participants inspired to live an impactful life both spiritually and career-wise.

Below is a recap of the event and also slides from the event.

YPF webinar

Day 1: Christian Professionals in the End-Time

With a focus on Eschatology and Partaking in the end-time revival, the webinar focused on signs and events of the end times that we should be aware of, from the Rapture to The Great Tribulation to The New Heaven and The New Earth.

A short excerpt from the session:

Beyond being professionals, recent occurrences like the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 5G Technology and various publications on Social Media on Corona Virus Vaccines being the Mark of the Beast etc have necessitated a topic like this at this time so that as Professionals we can have balanced knowledge of the time we are in. Remember, “Knowledge is Power”. With Knowledge, you will not be caught in the web of ignorance.

Link to download the presentation slideChristian Professionals in the End Time

Also, you can watch the video replay below or on our Youtube channel.

Day 2: The Emerging World of Work

YPF webinar

The current challenges have brought to fore a new revolution that has been ongoing for the past 4 years. This has seen natural traditional businesses become digital drivers as the digital world becomes more structured, smarter, and wealthier.

How can we then as young professionals position ourselves for the future of work?

This session of the event helped to shed light on areas in which we, as young professionals, can position ourselves for the future of work.

To get a full grasp of what went on during the session, kindly click on the link below to download the slides.

Link to download the presentation slide – The Emerging World of Work

Also, you can watch the video replay below or on our Youtube Channel, and remember to subscribe to our channel for other uplifting contents.

Did you participate in the event?

What lessons did you learn? Do share with us in the comment section.

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