Engaging in Self-Analysis for Ultimate Greatness

Engaging in Self-Analysis for Ultimate Greatness

Self-analysis is the investigation or exploration of self for the purpose of a better understanding of personal thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Self-analysis occurs consciously and unconsciously in many contexts of our daily life. However, in the context of success, self-analysis is very important in understanding the level at which you operate at the moment, the self-limitations, and also the attitudes that have made success a mirage.

Understanding Self-Analysis

It is said that life does not give you want you to deserve, it only gives you what you demand. Men and Women who have made their mark in the sands of time were those who demand what they wanted from life. They struggled, fought, and took what they wanted from life by force, through hard work, determination, and self-analysis.

Self-Analysis will help you know what you are doing right or wrong. it will help you discover what is inherent in you that is capable of limiting you in getting to that ultimate greatness. It will also help you understand the traits in you that should be strengthened and given room to blossom, or the ones that should be completely crushed and not given a chance to grow.

God wired all human with strengths and weaknesses. Even the most valiant of men in the Bible had weaknesses that made them falter like packs of cards, while others used there weaknesses to there advantage.

Samson, who was the strongest and most valiant man in the Bible, failed to carry out self-analysis. He knew the covenant of God upon his life, but he still failed because was completely ignorant of the concept of self-analysis. Samson never took the time to go back to the drawing board to analyze his life. He only continued living his life without applying the breaks. Even our Christ took time to observe lone moments to pray and engage in a holistic self-analysis.

What to look out for in self-analysis

Explore YOU and dive in further to analyze your:

  • Strengths and weakness
  • Temperament
  • Hurts and pains
  • Motives and character
  • Thought pattern
  • Attitudes and dispositions in times of adversities
  • Secret desires
  • Spiritual consecration
  • Lack of mouth decorum
  • Spiritual Laxity, etc.

The question is- how are all the afore-mentioned impeding your journey to ultimate success?

Do you just run your life with speed without applying the breaks of self-analysis?

Ever thought you can achieve success even without deep self-analysis?

Please, understand that for you to eventually attain that ultimate success, you must be a student of self-analysis.

Take time out to examine your life, engage in thorough self-analysis and be ready to jettison whatever it is that is affecting your ultimate greatness in life!

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