The Danger of Procrastination

Victoria, a promising young lady in her mid-20s, had a privilege of graduating on time with a good grade. She was the toast of her community and was exceptionally outstanding. Her uncle had promised her a scholarship to study in the USA. She thought about it and she decided to defer this scholarship for another couple of years because she wanted to work a bit and
also, rest from the hustle of reading.

However, one year later, her uncle passed away following a brief illness. Shattered and disappointed, she was left hay and dry. She had lost a veritable opportunity given to her on a platter of gold. Her procrastination had cost her this opportunity. Unfortunately, she was not buoyant enough to embark on this expensive academic journey. She made frantic efforts to source for other scholarship opportunities but it was futile. Thus, she gave up on her ambition.

You see, one of the things that have made some people remain on a particular level is procrastination. Instead of choosing to defer gratification and get busy with what they plan to do, they choose rather to push it further, giving flimsy excuses on why it cannot be done now.

The Thief of Time

A popular mantra says “procrastination is the thief of time”. It doesn’t just steal time but it steals destiny.

But how does procrastination steal destinies? Imagine the story above and even other stories of people who were supposed to carry out a task, training or developmental activity, but chose rather to defer it. Instead of accelerating the attainment of their God-given vision, they continued to procrastinate until it was almost impossible for them to achieve their dreams. Such would obviously have their destinies become a mirage in the long run.

No Promise of Tomorrow

In this part of the world where things are uncertain, you can’t predict the next minute. The economy and the policies are far from being stable. Each successive government come up with their own policies which might have a direct impact on whatever venture you intend to embark upon.

Please understand that your dreams and goals cannot be achieved by mere plans or wish. Your achievement is based solely on execution. Men of steel are celebrated not because they planned to do this or that, but by their results which stem from actions!

Pastor Adeyemi, in one of his sermons, once said that he was a victim of procrastination. He was always planning to do things but never did them because of procrastination. A time came in his life when he had to face this enemy with a firm determination.

But how did he achieve this? He pasted the word “DO IT NOW” on the walls of his room. So whenever he was tempted to procrastinate, as usual, the words on the walls of his room stared him in the face and immediately, he would take action. This singular act catapulted his life to that success lane he long envisaged. His life became different.

Dear professionals, the fact remains that tomorrow has its own challenges. Next month has its own tasks and assignments. Next year might carry along many more responsibilities than you can ever envisage. So the best you can do is to “DO IT NOW”.

Dear friends, are you wondering why your life is not experiencing that incredible success you envisaged? Is your life filled with catalogues of failures or setbacks? Are you dissatisfied with the snail-like movement on your route to achieving your God-given visions?

Then you need to analyze your life critically and deal with this monster called procrastination.

Dear professionals, Get up and DO IT NOW!

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