COVID-19: Maintaining a Positive Outlook Amidst Global Crisis

With the ravaging pandemic that has claimed over 200,000 lives, one would assume that it is normal to feel panic and be scared about what the future holds and who or what is next.

Stop for a minute and think!

Think about the number of recoveries as well which is over 830,000.

What does that tell you?

That there are still some positive news and that hope is not lost. While news and reports of COVID-19 are becoming more widespread and making some people anxious, you can manage your anxiety by keeping panic off your mind through a deliberate and conscious filter of what you take in and maintain a positive outlook.


As people all over the world are trying to navigate through the deep crisis, hoping and praying for normalcy to be restored, which then again is being referred to as the New Normal, you want to be that entrepreneur who chooses to stay and fight rather than take flight.

Be that entrepreneur who has chosen to seek the new opportunities and see the silver lining behind the dark clouds.

New business opportunities are emerging and few existing businesses that otherwise would have been dead are innovating and rising. It takes one with a positive outlook and who is optimistic to see these opportunities and tap into them.

No matter how harsh the realities of life that COVID-19 has thrown in our faces, how we choose to respond to them matters and it is up to us to take charge. Let us see this season as an opportunity to be closer to our families, to cut down on some expenses and focus on what’s necessary and important.

More so, it is an opportunity to redefine our business structures and models, upgrade our products and services and show our customers how much we care.

More than just a global crisis, it is one with global opportunities for those who are optimistic and maintain a positive outlook.

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