Content, Conversations and Commissions

Ever heard the maxim, “Nothing works except you work it?” This is typical of any business or enterprise you may think of today.


For many average businessperson you may interact with, you’ll come to discover that more is put into “opening shop first”, then, leaving it to chance and “God” to bring the customers, than strategy of getting customers and high retention.



While the aforementioned may have worked for some select few, the resultant effect is a farcry from what is achievable by any organisation that engages the power of content creation which drives traffic, and, conversations between prospects and business (owners).


This is what eventually metamorphoses into commissions for them.


In the light of this development, it suffices to say that business owners and professionals must learn to harness the power of content, continuous conversations across varied platforms, etc. in order to help their businesses thrive as a going concern while enjoying fat commissions.




1. Define the goal of the business


Well, I do believe that every business is not open for itself alone, whether it is a not-for-profit enterprise or a profit-driven enterprise.


When the goal is rightly defined, the audience will be smartly selected, and, solutions precisely targeted to this circle.


2. Develop engaging content

Content in this case entails helpful information about a product or service that allows a user better informed to enjoy the perks that come with such purchase or using.


This content could be visual or audio. However, it is such that must be compelling for a prospect to commit resources – time, energy or cash to it.


For example, every time a person thinks of exercise and fitness clothes, the NIKE brand comes to mind, just as COCACOLA is synonymous to quenching thirst, besides water.


3. Leverage technology and social media


It is no doubt that we have a great resource to help get and spread content faster, and, to a greater audience across the world.


More so, via analytics, a business person can, from the palm of its hand, study and monitor the reactions and responses of every content put out, with a view to tweak and maximize the resultant effect of such viable feedback.


4. Keep tabs open


More than ever before, through the help of digital technology et al, the world has become a global village, which requires that content (viable solutions to people’s problems) must be professional as well as personal for it to be patronized.


Businesses that have or keep conversations open between them and their customers have a higher shot at retention and upselling for more profit than businesses which do not have such operational friendly platforms.


Conversations and interest spark loyalty from far and wide, as it is said “people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care”.


5. Deliver Value


It is possible that starting off could be difficult, and, costly. However, as you maintain the integrity of valuable solution to people’s challenges, this will speak for itself, rerouting the rewards of value – cash, fame, loyalty, more cash etc.


Like Jack Ma says “don’t run around looking for money, just look for problems to solve. As many problems as you can find, and, solve, the more money will find you”.


Every business of a young professional can be successful when they understand how these three interplay. It may take weeks, months or years sometimes for these to happen.



Yet, it will when they keep at developing, engaging and delivering on time.


Content is king.

Conversations is crucial.

Commission will be a constant.






Thank you.

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