Change as a Driver of Business Growth


If you follow local and global business news, business reports, etc., you would have heard or read of cases of business changes that led to phenomenal growth.


Often time, business leaders or directors consider changes that they deem necessary to consolidate their business, grow their products and services, or even wind down a section of the business. These decisions are often arrived at after a careful analysis of the likely outcomes of the steps considered.


It is a no-brainer that to achieve the unusual, unusual steps have to be taken. This is why growth that shakes the business sector you operate is sometimes only achievable by doing the unusual.

Change could be that unusual plug you need to push in.

This will not be a long read as it is meant to challenge you to enter a thinking session that should open your eyes to things that need different approaches if you must hit gold.

What can you change in your business to open the room for growth?

Businesses change the following to achieve growth:

Products and services
• Market or industry operated in
• People (Employees)
• Management
• Processes and approaches to business
• Company name
• Promotion and Marketing approach
• Prices
• Competitive approach

These are just 9 among many factors that can be changed to reawaken your business.


Now, think, which of these need(s) to be changed to drive growth in your business?
Enter the thinking room.


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