Learn From the Smartest

How is it that there are yet more people out there setting the standard of financial success?

Is it nothing to you to learn business principles taught from the oldest, longest, brightest, mightest, smartest, indiscriminately, co-authored and unrevised living book known to man today?

“…For even the children of mammon have become more insightful (in doing and thriving) in business than the children of The Kingdom…” Jesus Christ said (Luke 16:8).

How is it that there are yet more people out there with greater success than those in here? Well, it’s partly because they have well understood and applied the principles of Jesus, than those who simply know the person of Jesus.

Our Source calls us to succeed in life everyday. Staying connected helps us draw continually to enjoy both His person and His principles.

And, as we accumulate wealth from what we do – employees, entrepreneurs etc., we are more comfortable to set aside and enjoy sweet fellowship.

Here are some universally relative lessons from The Bible young professionals can learn from, apply directly and, or tweak to get desired results in their various daily engagements today:

Business Requires Strategy – Jacob (see Genesis 30:37-43)

The might of any thriving business can be traced to the diligence given to observing, researching and studying one or more fundamental problems or challenges societies encounter. This is to ensure that one can stay above the bar, while driving sane value to society.

Business Requires Wisdom – The Sons of Issachar (see 1 Chronicles 12:32)

An understanding of the times we are in, and the peculiar problems we face – cause and effect, informs on the possible reforms and solutions that must be birthed, and, how best this solution can be applied to alleviating or alienating such.

Business Requires Passion – David (see 1 Samuel 23 — 26)

Sustained enthusiasm and personal drive will help one keep on, even when such has been burnt, nor broken even in accomplishing a worthy desire. The joy of doing what one enjoys is a strong characteristic for business success.

Business Requires People – Moses (see Exodus 4:13-17)

The core essence of why we do what we do is because of people. While healthy competition keeps us on our toes, strong collaboration drives innovation that readily meets and satisfies customer needs.

Three significant things anyone can do today to thrive in the work place and their business is these:

* Be where the action is :

Thinking is never enough, you must START NOW. An idea is only worth as much as its execution. We must like the ants, GO.

* Have respect for people :

The more love and respect we have for and show people opens us a room of opportunities to do them service of value, which well executed will reward the young professional abundantly. Ask, “what can I do for you…?”

* Exercise courage :

Well, not much has been, nor can be accomplished less courage. Until the priest’s feet got wet, Jordan would not part. Only be thou courageous…

In all, the more value we create via business, the more worth we are perceived to have, which manifests in accumulated wealth and money status.

Hence, money only becomes a representation of worth.

Life is Spiritual!
Business is Spiritual!
Making money is Spiritual!

If you will hold nothing else in this text, hold these words dear to you today, and every other day.

So, as we reread and think through on the lessons and principles from the Bible, the young professional must, in the Master’s word “DO BUSINESS TILL HE COMES.”

Thank you.

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