Some months ago, the company where Lola worked was about to launch a big project and there were rumors that some members of staff were about to be laid off. Work became really hectic as the deadlines drew close. She literally ate her lunch on the go. Calling that period stressful was an understatement. It was exhausting.


She lost a couple of pounds and her sleep was inconsistent. Traffic was a whole other issue. There were repairs going on all over the city and thinking about how much time one would spend in traffic was enough to make her anxious. She eventually fell sick and was in the hospital for a week. She knew she had to make some lifestyle changes.


One morning, she took some time to organize her thoughts. With a pen and paper she asked herself some questions:

“Why do I feel stressed?”

“How do I react when I am stressed?”


For Lola, when fatigue kicks in after a hectic morning, then stress surfaces. She loves her job and throws herself into it immediately she gets to the office. Sometimes heavy traffic in the morning usually puts her in a bad mood which dampens her inspiration and motivation, slowing her energy and output. She would be unfocused, overwhelmed, often times irritable and even angry sometimes.

What Changed?

Since she couldn’t do much about the traffic, she decided to ask around and join a carpool with her colleagues a couple of days a week.  Having fun conversations with them consequently brightened her mood and the trip wasn’t so boring. Purchasing some noise-cancelling earphones, she listened to music, podcasts or audiobooks on days when she didn’t join the carpool. This caused a tremendous change in her attitude in the mornings.


She learned to politely decline taking more tasks than she could handle. She also mapped out her work during the day. For instance, instead of doing it all at once, she spread it out evenly throughout the day.


Lola also got a planner. She planned everything from work to rest to eating. In fact her meals were scheduled and cooked on alternate days. Following this new norm wasn’t easy, but it helped.



Most of all she changed her attitude. There will always be hectic days so she had to figure out how to deal with it. Happiness is a choice and Lola did her best to maintain a positive attitude. If she was stuck in traffic on Third Mainland Bridge, she stared at the water and appreciated the view and the sunset. If she had to work late, she would turn up the music and allow the melody to ease her mind. She curated a couple of word and number games to play with her colleagues where everyone could participate from their table. Her positive energy gradually began to rub off on her colleagues. Lola started five- minute stretch exercises which everyone had fun participating in during their breaks.


It may take a while to adjust but you certainly need to make changes in areas where you are feeling stressed. Ask yourself the questions Lola pondered on.



Stress is your body’s reaction to a situation. It is emotional or physical tension. Identify what is making you feel stressed. It is important to understand that there will always be stressful situations.


Try to:-

– Avoid stressful situations.

– Prioritize your health.

– Be organized. Take your breaks. You can’t give your best if you are already worn out.


Other Easy Ways You Can Deal With Stress Are To :-

– Take a walk or try some exercises. You don’t need to go to the gym to get a workout.

– Keep a journal. This helps you unclutter your mind and can be soothing.

– Repeat a soothing phrase or say a short prayer. Simply say “Lord, I’m grateful for today. Thank you for my job. Please help me get through the rest of the day. Please give me wisdom, strength and peace. Amen.”

– Maintain a healthy eating habit.

– Connect with people who are supportive and encouraging.

– Read a book. Reading calms your nerves and helps you sleep better.

– Improve your sleeping habits

– Keep a positive mind.


Don’t hesitate to seek medical help if you don’t feel any improvements.


How have you handled stress in the past? Share down below.

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