Bible Reading Plans To Help You With Your Bible Study

How much of the bible do you know?


A lot of people claim to Bible-believing Christians… even with tongue-speaking, vision-seeing “manifestations”, yet they know little about the God they profess to love.


Little wonder “they” can be easily swept away by every wind of doctrine, and moved by the storms of life.

They’re not rooted in God’s word.


I’m sure you don’t want that to be your story, dear Christian professional.


Especially in times like this, when increase in knowledge open more rooms for fierce discussion in defense of our faith.


Paul, in 2 Timothy 2:15 admonishes us to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”


You’ve likely promised yourself to read through the bible this year. How has it been? Hope you’re not picking the texts randomly?

Or are you just sticking with the usual reading from Genesis to Revelation?

Do you have a study plan you’re working with? Not to merely READ, but to STUDY the Bible.



Bible Reading VS Bible Study

Like you know, reading and studying me different things.

Merriam Webster defines Reading as “to look at and understand the meaning of letters, words, symbols, etc.” Reading gives you surface knowledge. No room to chew, digest and absorb. You just gulp it down like water.

There are some texts you read that you can’t remember a single thing about it, right? Just think of something you read yesterday…

But when you study, you read, memorize facts, think through, and connect dots in the passage.


It’s one thing to read the bible every day, it’s another to study it – understanding the content, context and application of the passage.

To rightly divide the word of truth, you must go beyond reading to studying.


The bible is a God-scripted story, not different pieces of facts pulled together into a book. You’ll appreciate and be inspired by this divine story when you dig deep into this book.


7 Bible Reading Plans To Get You Into God’s Word

I’ll be sharing with you, seven bible reading plans that will walk you through this divine story this year. If you don’t have a reading plan you’re working with this year, or you need something fresh, pick one that resonates with you and use it.

First, here’s a Guide to help you study the bible. You can download and apply the insights shared as you study your bible.

And if you’re finding it tough to sit with your Bible every day, hang on. We’ll talk about it shortly.


  1. One-year Chronological Bible reading plan: 

This plan takes you through the account of the bible in chronologically (arranged in the order that things happened.) If you’ve not used this reading plan, try it out. You’ll be thrilled and blessed. Here the plan for you to download… and use.


2. One-year reading plan by Genre:

This takes you through a different part of the bible each day of the week. You read the Epistles on Sunday, the Law on Monday, History on Tuesday, Psalms on Wednesday, Poetry on Thursday, Prophesy on Friday, and the Gospels on Saturday. Download the reading plan here.

3. One-year Thematic Bible Study:

 Using this bible reading schedule, you study different parts of the bible relating to a theme. This helps you create different relationships between passages of the bible, and still reading each book of the Bible from start to finish. Here is the plan. You can start the plan any day and finish in 365 days. 

4. One-year Genesis to Revelation Journey:

Still a great way to study the bible. You go from the first book to the last, one book after the other. Download the reading plan here

5. Through the Bible in two years:

With this, you take it at a slower pace. Instead of finishing in one year, you finish in two years. Remember, it’s about how fast, but how well. A great plan. Download the schedule here – year one and year two.

6. Two readings (old and new testament) in one year:

Using this, you have an old testament passage and a new testament passage to read each day. So you can read one in the morning, and the other at night. Here a schedule for it.

7.New Testament in a Year:

This is a basic reading plan, especially if you’re new to the Christian faith. You can study the new testament. And as you study, you’ll find texts that will lead and connect you to the old testament – so you have a rounded understanding of the Bible. Download reading plan.

Make Bible study a priority this year. You’ll find answers to life’s questions and power to stand in times like this … engraved in this powerful book.

How To Keep Up With Your Bible Study Plan

We can’t deny the uncertainties of life. How some days can be so choked up and tiring that you hardly have time to open, let alone read. And even if you read, the time to study and meditate on what you read could be far-reaching.

It will not get any better. Because the god of this world works so hard to keep Christians away from the Word.

He knows that the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. He’s out to snatch this sword away from you and me. 

But we won’t let him succeed!

Did you say an “AMEN”?

Here are three tips to help:

  1. Make an appointment with God and keep it: Corrie Ten Boom expressed this best in her quote “Don’t pray (read the bible) when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.”

Just like you schedule a time to wake up, prepare for work… and other things you do each day, put BIBLE STUDY into your daily plan. And when it’s time, take yourself to a quiet spot, pick your Bible and let God speak to you. Don’t wait to “feel like” reading the bible. For we walk by faith. God is always ready to feed us with His word when we come to Him. Come. Some days may be harder. Don’t get discouraged. Pick off from where you stopped.

2.Put up reminders to prompt you to stop and get into God’s word.

3. Use audio Bibles too: Listening to the scheduled passages for the day will help you get the word in, and you meditate on it as you continue your daily activities. 

May God help us to be young professionals of the WORD in Jesus name.


Which Bible reading plan are you using this year?

Share your journey so far in Bible study and inspire someone else to STUDY THE BIBLE.

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