Beyond Will Power


Earlier this year, I said that the most important New Year’s Resolution one could make, is to GROW IN LOVE FOR GOD AND OTHERS.


Does that sound like an unreachable standard, a lofty resolution, an impossible goal? Where does that POWER to LOVE God and other people more come from?


Most often I think we’d say willpower. Motivational speakers talk a lot about…



Not giving up…

If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again…

Nothing worth having comes easy…

Have more willpower…

But, willpower alone will never change us. That is a burden we can’t carry. It’s a standard we can’t meet.


We need something to power our willpower!


What’s going to power your willpower?

Have you ever thought like this:

“I want to get fit….but I love feeling comfortable and sleeping”

“I love eating more than I love running”

“I want to do better at school ….but I love playing video games more”

“I want to get a job …. but I love the freedom to hang out with friends whenever I like”

The truth is, if you want to change something, you have to love the change more than your current situation.


The Power That Powers Willpower

LOVE is the power that powers our WILLPOWER because we become the things we love.


Factors Involved in Change

Of course, there are other factors involved in change. You also need to:

Know how to change

Believe you can change

Form habits and patterns to change

Choose to change.

But in the end, you will work through those challenges if you really WANT to change.


It’s love that is the key to change. Love is the power that powers our willpower.


I was reading an article recently titled “Forget about feelings, real love is a deliberate choice.” The writer concludes thus:

“If you truly love someone (and they truly love you), commit to that love and plan on it being hard work. But also plan on it being the most rewarding work of your life.”


The same is true of your relationship with God.


The Secret To Making Lasting Change

Keeping a New Year’s Resolution to love God and others needs power.


It’s a power greater than willpower.


A power that comes as God’s Spirit works within you.


It’s the power to love God and others more than you love yourself.


Pray that God will give you that power this year.


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