Behold, New Opportunities

Disappointments, not the end

Shade, a beautiful, lady with a touch of excellence, wired with outstanding potentials, a typical example of the beauty and the brain. She graduated with a first-class in Microbiology and had an excellent result in her master’s degree. She had a great personality and was emotionally intelligent. After her degrees and NYSC, she landed a mouth-watering job in a multinational company and worked there for three years. However, in June 2021, she was sacked by her company in a most inglorious way without her exit benefits. She was devastated, angry, frustrated and shattered. Her dream for that year that was hinged on finance came to an abrupt end. She never imagined that this could happen to her. However, to worsen it all, she had a plan to get married that year, but there was no suitor in sight. If not for a friend of hers who kept encouraging her to keep hope alive, she would have gone into depression.


Look beyond the challenges in 2021

You see a lot happened in 2021. The raging pandemic with a different variant, loss of lives, loss of jobs, kidnapping, economic downturn and other issues associated with 2021 affected people in variety of ways. Even with this, a lot of successes were recorded in 2021. People landed their dream job, others began their businesses, while some achieved their dream in a most dramatic fashion. So no one has an excuse for failure.


Dear friend, it is important to note that nothing can be achieved if you don’t look beyond problems, challenges, or risk. The same way we have challenges in 2021, is also the way we might have it in 2022, because, challenges and risk is a common factor in life. But it is left to you to behold new opportunities this new year.


Men of steel who have made an impact in the world are aware of problems and challenges, but they choose to disregard them and focus on opportunities that abound. As an individual who wants greatness this new year, you must think of possible ways of achieving your goals and dreams without thinking of challenges at first. Even when you are aware of the challenges associated with the goals, choose not to focus on them, but devise means of surpassing and overcoming these challenges with an audacious character.


If there is anything to work on this year, it should be your faculties, aimed at sighting and working on opportunities, that can help you to achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.


A new perspective this year

In 2022, there are some people whom you will need to associate with to help you see opportunities and also see things from a broader perspective, while there are some people who you must run away from, so, you can have clarity in life.

Evaluate yourself in 2021, and see where you have gotten it wrong. Were you lazy, and laid back? Were you unrepentantly indolent and fond of procrastinating? Did you activate your eyes to see more challenges rather than opportunities? Were you spending recklessly, thus embracing the prodigal mentality? Did you allow your brain to be fingered for complaints, rather than taking responsibility for your actions?


Just like the story of the lady above who ended the year without achieving the core of her goals, there is hope and opportunities this year, if you can get your 2021 evaluations right and learn from them. You can begin again and activate your inner eyes to locate opportunities.

Dear friend, don’t be caught on the bandwagon of idleness, and mediocrity this year. Get on the success track, and begin, without fear, but with an audacious disposition for a greater 2022.

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