Be an Entrepreneur

To some, the word ‘entrepreneur’ is scary. To think of it alone is not what others want to consider. They liken it to everything that has to do with fear, uncertainty of earnings and risk.

With a job that guarantees at least a sure source of income at the end of every month, the thought of being an entrepreneur is a no-no for the proponents of wages and salaries.

Without a doubt, entrepreneurship requires boldness and foresight that those who lack managerial instinct lack. As a reward for their taking the lead, when the going gets tough, entrepreneurs seem to have something to fall back on even though they could be hit hard too.

At least, the business is there and it can or may still operate on a low scale.

Consider this economic and social downtime as an example. As even big businesses (such as Juventus in Italy and Barcelona in Spain) are slashing salaries by up to 70% and some other firms are placing their entire staff on unpaid leave, many employees are facing the risk of redundancy and outright layoff.

There probably is no better time to birth your entrepreneurial idea than now. Someone said billionaires are made even in times of crisis and here is one.

Keep your 9 – 5 if you must but consider a business idea to grow to maturity. During unprecedented times like this, bills don’t care. They keep going up but if your sole source of income is cut off by say a pandemic, economic crisis, sudden lay-off, redundancy, etc., how would survival be like?

So, what should you do?
• Become entrepreneurial.
• Identify what people need – advisedly essentials and thriving goods and services.
• Develop a business around it.
• Tap into the online market – this is the new market.
• Dominate your space.
• Market your services extensively.
• Deliver topnotch services.
• Hire able hands if needful.

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