Apples Don’t Grow Everywhere

Do you want to grow? Not just a physical growth in height and weight.

Do you want your bank account(s), relationships, network, influence, impact, devotion to God… Everything that matters to you, to grow?

To see yourself grow tall and fat in these areas, yielding bunches of fruits on every branch. That’s the desire of every “living thing.” (I put living thing in quote ‘cos some people are alive, but not living. I’m sure you’re not one of them, otherwise this post wouldn’t matter to you.)

Back to business.

Your Seed

Now, I want you to see the desire/instinct to grow, and those gifts and talents you possess, as a SEED. For that seed to grow and bear fruits, it needs to, like the Bible even tells us, “fall into the ground and die.”

But, before you run off and look for the next empty land to plant those great seeds in your heart, let’s discuss this:

I wish we could plant apple seeds in our farm. (My mum is a big time farmer!) I really do wish we could. Because I love apples. And wouldn’t mind having apple trees all around me.

Why didn’t we plant apples? The environment. The land and weather conditions here. These would not help apples germinate, thrive and grow. They’d probably die before they even got to see sunlight. If I didn’t know this, I would plant apple seeds, then keep pointing accusing fingers, wondering why my great apple seeds didn’t grow. I could begin to think:

“Maybe it’s not even viable.”

Or “my village people are throwing the spiritual arrows against my apple. They don’t want my progress.”

That apple seed is alive and well, dear friend. And for your village people, they don’t even have access to that apple seed (“Greater is He that is in you…”). Forget them!

Where Do Apple Seeds Grow?

For your apple seed to grow, you must plant it in the right environment.

Those great ideas, dreams and desires are not weeds that grow without being planted. Neither are they maize grains, that can grow at your grandmother’s backyard.

Look for the right environment to plant them!

The Right Environment for Your Apple Seed

And what does the right environment for your APPLE comprise?

▪️ Awareness –

You must know what you carry. Identify the seeds deposited in you. If you don’t know if a seed is an apple, maize or bean seed, you won’t know the right place to plant it. Neither would you know the necessary conditions it needs to grow and bear fruits. To be “aware” you need to look upward and within.

  • Upward – to the God who formed you when you were in your mother’s womb… “and who knows the thoughts that He thinks towards you.”
  • Inward – to SEE the gifts and talents buried within you. Wondering how to do it?

I love this advice from Rick Warren, in his book Purpose Driven Life:

“The best way to discover your gifts and abilities is to experiment with different areas of service. You have dozens of hidden abilities you don’t know you’ve got because you’ve never tried them out. No matter how old you are, I urge you to never stop experimenting!”

Of course, you’re not expected to spend forever in the experimentation lab. Once you discover that seed, move on to putting it into the soil of life. This would make it “fruitful and multiply.”

▪️ People –

No one is an island of knowledge. You need people to survive and thrive. These people will serve as walls to shut off intruders and animals from destroying your seeds. And when questions and confusion fill your heart, their words of wisdom will set you on track and help to water your seeds. They could be coaches, mentors, spiritual leaders, family, friends… But here is the qualification for such people:

As Les Brown said his mentor drummed into his ears, “Surround yourself with OQP – Only Quality People.”

Places –

Being in the right place will help you connect with the right people. You want to meet with the right people and information that will benefit your seed? Look for where they gather, and find a way to get into their midst. Whether online or offline, be in the right environment!

▪️ Learning –

Learning never stop. This is the manure that provides nutrients for your seed to grow. And it should not be a random one. You have to seek out the right knowledge from books, courses, trainings that match the seed you’re growing. Some fertilizers, especially if applied in the wrong proportion, can kill or keep your plant stunted.

▪️ Elohim –

“…for without me, ye can do nothing.” If you have everything available for your seed, and God withholds the sun from shining, the crop will die! Your crop needs photosynthesis to produce food. And it’s the sun that aids that. You need God, dear Christian professional. And the first place to connect and start a relationship with Him is at Calvary.

Come, pour those sins that keep you away from Him at the foot of the cross. God will forgive and make you whole. He’ll cause His light to shine upon you, and make your seeds fruitful and very productive.

In fact, He’ll guide you to be aware of what He’s deposited in you, connect you to the right people, lead you to suitable places, and give you wisdom for the best learning experience!

So friend, have you discovered the SEED deposited in you? How will you apply the APPLE principle to make that seed fruitful and multiply?

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