Achieving Success Through Self-control

Achieving Success Through Self-control

According to the dictionary, self-control is an act of restraint exercised over one’s impulses, emotions, or desires. It is the capacity to put one’s feelings under control.

The world is generally filled with wickedness, betrayal and things that are capable of making one throw his/her emotions into the trash bin.

Look around you, in the office, you will find colleagues who will engage in the assassination of character. They will say evil things about you. Some might even look you in the face and utter statements capable of getting on your nerves and throwing you off balance.

Most times, I wonder if people rarely think before they utter statements. Based on this, you need to exercise self-control and be in charge of your emotions.

Let’s briefly touch on emotional intelligence which is a function of self-control.

 Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is about managing one’s emotions. It is the ability to comprehend and manage emotions in positive ways, and also to communicate effectively, without being overemotional. Emotional intelligence is essential because it helps you achieve your personal and career goals while nurturing strong relationships with others and a deep sense of happiness with your life.

Like I stated earlier, in a world where selfishness, wickedness, character assassination, emotional outburst, and envy thrives, emotional intelligence and self-control have now become essential to overcome the evil nature of human.

On a personal level, you cannot dictate to people how to live their lives, neither can you instruct them on how they should act in different situations, in their relationship with people especially with you, hence the need for emotional intelligence.

Biblical Illumination on Self-control

Joseph in the Scriptures had a fantastic dream, not fabricated by him, but a dream that was given to him by God to lead at a time when it mattered most in the land of Egypt. However, before he got to that destined position of authority, he passed through a lot. He was sold to a strange land and was made to work as a slave in Potiphar’s house. He was loved and made the overseer because it became obvious that God was with him. A day came when his faith and his character of self-control was tested.

Gen 39:7 expressly explained the account. It says, ” And it came to pass that his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph; and she said, lie with me”. This was the height of temptation for a young man in a strange land who is in dire need of favour and an open door to achieve his goals and dreams. An average man without the fear of God will see it as an opportunity to climb the success or career ladder, as it is obtainable in some organisations where some job seekers will not mind sleeping with the boss, just to either get the job or get favoured for promotion.

Joseph deployed his self-control attribute, damned the consequence, and out-rightly rejected the destiny-shattering offer from his master’s wife. He had the self-control.

The Price of Self-control

Every good thing has its price. Self-control comes along with its price.

Joseph was jailed without a concrete offence, all because he refused to sleep with his master’s wife. He was ridiculed and chastised without reasons- the price of self-control.

As professionals, you might be enmeshed in financial embarrassment because you are determined to control your appetite for money meant for the organization. You might even go hungry, lack the basic things of life as a result of taking this stand of discipline and self-control.

You might also be called ridiculous names, just because you refused to join the politics and fight in office.

Consequently, you might even be adjudged to be a sheep, who cannot fight back or get dirty because of your attitude of self-control.

The Gains of Self-control

Joseph, after he was punished for his unpopular act of self-control, was eventually remembered and rewarded by God and made to grace the throne of leadership in a strange land-Egypt.

Self-control is a virtue. You might be mocked or termed by some people as a weakly, but in the long run, it comes along with an inestimable reward.


Dear friend, strive for mastery in self-control. With self-control, you can take on the world, you can excel, succeed, and achieve the incredible.

Go and succeed!

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