A Relaxing Reminder

When was the last time you sang and danced by yourself? When last did you decide to turn the volume up and drown out the world? Do you know how freeing and relieving that feels? Try it. Music is a stress reliever and a mood booster. We need more of that these hectic days. Play some tunes, grab your comb as your microphone and sing to the audience in your full length mirror. Can you hear the applause? Life is too short not to take a few minutes to listen to music and relax.

Life oftentimes becomes a routine and there is the tendency to wallow under stress and become unhappy. It is important to not lose sight of the little things. Optimistic people are happy people. Try to find something positive in your negative situations. When you constantly focus on the wrong, it will bring you depression and a lot of discouragement. On the other hand, if you focus on the good and the positive, you will most likely see a silver lining, and you will experience happiness. On those days when you are feeling overwhelmed, take a minute and look for something good in the seemingly challenging situation. This will help you take the load off a bit.

Learn to be grateful for life…

…and be kind to those around. If you could sit back and literally count all that is still going well, there is a possibility that you will experience a higher level of optimism. Keep a gratitude journal. It is quite relaxing to sit and list the little things you have been blessed with. From your delicious lunch, a discount on a purchase to that close shave on the road with another vehicle that could have resulted in a near fatal accident. Take time to ponder on those things. Extend a helping hand to those around. Doing an act of kindness brings so much joy to the heart. Is there a need you can meet, or someone you can reach out to? Why not do it? Take a few minutes from your stressful schedule and devote that short time frame to helping someone. You will be surprised at how instant your energy would be renewed and how inspired you would feel.

Do you savour every moment? Sometimes life gives you lemons but other times you may get dished a fine meal or some ice cream. Do you savour those moments? Time flies by so fast, so relax and take it all in. Live in the moment and be mindful of it. Sharing an experience, listening to your favourite song, receiving praise for a job well done, take a few seconds and just bask in it. It’s okay to enjoy that feeling of achievement right there and then. Relax and enjoy those moments.

Squeeze some exercise in. Get moving and stretch those muscles. The schedule may seem so tight, but that leisurely walk around the block in the evening or simply stretching in your living room will ease your stress levels. Not only will this get your blood pumping, but it will also ease depression and other health maladies.

It’s time to give yourself a treat and just simply rest and prop your feet up. In case you have forgotten a little of what it means to relax, here is your reminder.

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