A GOOD NAME (Proverbs 22:1)

What’s In a Name?

Your name is your identity and unique calling. It separates you from every other person.

People are careful when giving names to babies because of the implications. Nobody wants to give their newborns names like ‘Judas’, ‘Saul’, ‘Demas’ or some notable criminal in their society, no matter the meaning of the name. This is because of the identity of those who bear such names. Give your children good name.

‘Who’ is the Name?

Proverbs 22:1; 16:8,16,17; 1 Chronicles 4:9,10.

Your name is your brand. It’s who you are. After the name has been given, you can still brand it to whatever you choose to, good or bad.

Worry less about the message in your name. What is the message in your life? When people remember the name ‘Aanu’, ‘Ade’, ‘Ifeanyi’ or ‘Chinwe’, what is the most important thing that comes to their mind?

We tend to save peoples’ names on our phones’ contact list based on the most notable thing we believe they represent. One’s phone number may be saved as ‘Chike Pastor’ or ‘Abigail Accountant’ on a friend’s phone. That is a note of the brand one may represent to that person.

Brother in Christ, do you carry the Jesus brand? Dear sister, your church doesn’t brand you, but Christ does. Thus, we wouldn’t be to shocked to find people bearing the name ‘Esther’ in brothels or ‘Paul’ at night clubs.

If your name has been known for evil and sin, come to the destiny- and name-Changer, Jesus Christ. Like Jabez, call on God to rebrand you. The greatest rebrand is the change from a sinner to a saint.

For believers, live holy lives. Avoid fraud or evil practices that makes men question your faith. Lead a life of integrity. Let others see Jesus in you.

Why the Name?

Mark 14:9, Prov 20:11, Rev 20:15

After all has been said and done, we shall remember your name and what it represents. Parents leave material inheritance for their children, but no inheritance is as comparable to a good name that stands out in time, even when the wealth and buildings are gone.

Think about life. Imagine yourself on your death bed at age 90. If your name were mentioned, what would you be known for? Should it be that you gave hope, lifted up the downtrodden, stood for righteousness?

Beloved, when the roll is called up yonder, note that you will still live forever. There are books wherein the names of every living soul are written — the books of Life and of Death (Revelation 20:12). Your name would be in one of those books. God will call your name on the judgment day. Have you thought about this?

Seek to live up to a good name, by prayer, by power, by personal perseverance. God bless you.

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