5 Songs to Lift Your Spirit in the Morning

It was 5 am. I could hear my alarm ring. Melodies of the “Great is thy faithfulness” hymn drifted into my ears. Then I was up, and ready to enjoy my quiet moment with the Lord.  I would have snoozed to resume my sluggish slumber if I hadn’t included a playlist in my alarm the day before. When this happens, my quiet time is frequently traded for sleep. Sad.


Along with developing a routine of bible study and prayer, worship through music is an excellent addition to your quiet time with the Lord. We try to have a daily workout to keep physically fit, we should also add music to our daily routine to keep us spiritually fit. Worship focuses your mind on God and all that is good, wonderful, and true. This keeps your soul refreshed and strong each morning. When you concentrate on the Lord, your heart undergoes an incredible transformation, as does every area of your life.


So, here are a few worship songs that I appreciate and believe you will enjoy too. I am convinced that any of these songs will bring you comfort, make you smile, or perhaps get you dancing!


  1. Your Great Name by Natalie Grant


This wonderful song is very helpful when you feel down and need a reminder of God’s presence and power. It will let you reflect on His majesty. Looking intently at God will undoubtedly diminish those problems till they vanish!


  1. Yes and Amen by Pat Barret


This music serves as a reminder that God will always keep the many valuable promises He has made. All we have to do to inherit for that day is to ask and receive the blessings. If you prefer the song with an unusual ministration, you should listen to how Dante Bowe sang it with Bethel music.


  1. Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker


Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker may be an old eight-year-old tune, but its flavor will never fade. This song should appear on your morning playlist if you want to get some dancing shoes on to celebrate God’s faithfulness while making your bed or fixing your breakfast.


  1. Desert Song by Hillsong


This is a prayerful song I always cherish. It speaks to any circumstance we are or will be in, whether it be fire, desert, battle, or even showers. God’s presence will be with us throughout the year, prompting his praise to erupt from our hearts.


  1. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath


I adore this song. Every morning, it pulls me back to the realization of my purpose in Christ. I am reminded of the importance of putting on Jesus Christ – His eyes, heart, and love. Only with those can I see others in pain and offer as much love I have been graced to give.



So! I hope you enjoyed these song recommendations. You can also build your playlist based on your present need. As we strive for a healthy body, let’s also have a healthy spirit filled with gratitude to God.


In the comments section, share five songs from your music library that you can easily incorporate into your morning playlist!




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